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The most popular plastic molding company

Plastic molding is a process that producers thermosetting and thermoplastic plastic materials. The process involves sending the material a warm barrel where it is melted down for mixing. After being melted and combined, the material is sent into a mold where it is left to chill and solidify into the same shape as the mold. […]

Silicon injection molding and variety of ways

Silicon Injection molding services produce molded parts made from silicon. Silicone rubber is a 2 part, flexible and synthetic rubber-like material from silicone elastomers that can be cured at room temperature into a powerful elastomer used in molding. It is durable, heat resistant and free of allergens or leachable chemicals. Liquid silicone is similar to […]

Transparent plastic injection molding

Transparent plastic due to higher light transmission rate, which inevitably calls demanding surface quality of plastic products such like PC injection molding, PMMA injection molding, etc, can not have any markings, holes, white, fog halo, black spots, color, luster is not so good a result, the entire injection molding process on raw materials, equipment, molds, […]

Seamless Injection Technology results

Seamless Injection Technology results – Chinese Konka LCD TV below 8K. Konka LC42DT68AC LCD TV appearance with a seamless injection molding, high-performance materials to make the fuselage light shine, while the super-slim look and elegant style. Has a resolution of 1920 * 1080 full-HD panel, comes with 120Hz frequency-doubling technology, can effectively enhance the picture […]

Acetal Injection Molding

Welcome to our product page of Acetal Injection Molding, in which you can find detailed information of Acetal Injection Molding. Our Acetal Injection Molding is good in quality and competitive in price.  Acetal Thermoplastic Material for GC Injection molds China Manufacturing  GC MOLD is injection molding china company can custom mold and manufacture acetal resins for strong and rigid plastic […]

Case Study

We have been with ST plastics since Royston and Bob took the reins some 3-4 years ago. ST have designed injection moulding tools to our specifications for over 20 product lines and supply us with a continuous stream of plastics which are used in our product and exported globally. Staying on shore and particularly with […]

Plastic Mold Manufactuers

As one of Australia’s leading plastic mold manufacturers, we are committed to excellence in injection moulding. Our company specialises in the design and manufacture of plastic moulds and products at any stage of development. With decades of experience as suppliersand manufacturers, we offer a comprehensive range of injection services encompassing concept and component design, 3D models and prototyping, tool design […]

Injection Molding Process

Our emphasis on process control is multifaceted. However, the focus of our efforts can be summarized. The injection molding process has been broken down by RJG associates (an internationally recognized consulting and training firm dealing specifically with plastic processing) into 4 key variables that must be consistently controlled in order to produce parts with the […]