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We have been with ST plastics since Royston and Bob took the reins some 3-4 years ago. ST have designed injection moulding tools to our specifications for over 20 product lines and supply us with a continuous stream of plastics which are used in our product and exported globally. Staying on shore and particularly with ST has proved to be a very smart management and fiscal move. Their co-operation, liaison, reliability, communication and willingness to accommodate change far outweigh any perceived savings one might achieve using resources off shore. Not to say ST are not competitive, they are, but the quality and reliability from the ST team are second to none.

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managing director


I have had dealings with ST for the past 5 or so years, and the service and response to any given problem is truly fabulous. I design machinery for a living, and plastics and associated materials form a very important part of the design process. Most important to the process is, I find, the need to obtain advice and assurances that a certain design is possible, and this is often required very early in the design process. I have found that ST Plastics are very capable of this, and it saves many days , even weeks in design work.

Their early evaluation of the design and how it might be cast in what product has been close to faultless. This is, in my opinion, what sets them apart from the typical toolmaker who often requires detailed drawings before you can get past the front door.

Their tool making expertise has been very good, allowing and preempting the shrinkage rates and distortion that will occur with many moulding procedures.

Very Very impressed with your entire business and service. Regards Paul Willett, Managing Director,

I am writing to endorse and highlight ST plastics .Bob & Royston have provided us with fantastic service right from the first contact , besides being professional and friendly they have made themselves available to us , which can be very reassuring .

Our line of work is in commercial construction, so time lines and installation schedules are tight & limited. Taking this into account Bob &Royston not only took the projects on but created working drawings & helped with design issues together with managing to supply us the finished product before the due date, enabling us latitude to complete our manufacture. In closing I can do nothing but recommend ST plastics to anyone that is in the market for their services. Dealing with them is easy & you can be confident of the service & outcome you require which makes them a perfect choice to help grow & improve product lines & productivity.

Yours thankfully



I have had a long business relationship with ST Plastics and have always been happy with their service and expertise. Since taking over the business a few years ago, Royston and Bob have worked hard to take the company to another level. Their commitment to service, quality and customer satisfaction is honest and real. If you have need of injection mouldings look no further.


Managing Director

As manufacturers of the Odalog Gas Logger and Gas Detector range, Thermofisher Scientific, like our customers, demand only the highest quality and accuracy from our high-end gas instruments. Our instruments meet the needs of their industry, whether in a rugged underground mining environment or in the corrosive wastewater monitoring, so we need to be sure that the plastic parts that house our compact electronics are up to the job. At ST, our extremely high standards are completely understood and catered for with high quality, precision and repeatability of our ‘unconventional’ plastic moulding – even in small batches. With the experience, technical advice and superior customer service ST offer, we wouldn’t consider going anywhere else.

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Design Engineer (Mechanical Engineer / Industrial Designer)

I have to compliment you, and all others of your company – and I don’t hand out compliments freely. As you might expect, in looking for a company to do this work for us, I contacted multiple Australian companies who advertise on the net claiming a high tech capability for tooling and production of prototype runs. All other replies I received demonstrated incompetence (at least in communication) or just plain disinterest.

You replied with intelligent communication and followed up with a phone call. Subsequently you have been most courteous in all contacts with me, and have demonstrated a high level of competence in the quality of the samples received today. Thus, in my view, ST sets a benchmark to which others should aspire. May your company enjoy well deserved success.

Geoffrey Wickham A.O.