Standard plastic injection molding is the base of our manufacturing capability, however our capability and value to the customer doesn’t stop there. Many iterations of injection molding technology give flexibility and efficiencies to the manufacturing process. Such as:

In-mold decoration integrates graphics into the molding of the part itself.

Gas Assist molding gives part designers greater flexibility in their designs and Manufacturing the ability to produce higher quality parts.

Over molding allows different component materials to be integrated into a single part (e.g., soft touch applications and molded in clear windows).

Structural foam molding provides lower stressed parts while achieving higher strength to weight ratios. Material savings is often a bonus with this processing technology.

Insert molding allows for other components (e.g. metal parts) to be totally integrated into the whole plastic molded part.

Cavity pressure controlled molding yields a higher level of consistency from the inherent mold/material/machine/process variables that exist.

Robotic assist maintains a consistency and level of quality that is often impossible for humans to maintain in the molding process.