Kamco (Sincere Tech) Plastics provides more than injection molded parts in a box. It provides the design and engineering required to ensure those parts are of the highest quality and are produced at the optimum cost.

Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA) is at the heart of highest value products and manufacturing. Kamco Plastics has the experience and expertise to troubleshoot designs before they become troublesome in production.

We use multiple CAD stations with the latest version of Pro E ® to provide design capabilities. Designers routinely collaborate by electronically transferring engineering files via our FTP site to review part and mold designs.

Kamco (Sincere Tech) Plastics has established relationships with both local and global tooling sources which provides the flexibility to search out the highest value tooling while considering costs, delivery, follow up and warranty support.

Since customer requirements and part designs continually change, Kamco Plastics engineering is there to support changes in design, plastic injection tooling, and manufacturing. Our ISO-9001 procedures ensure that the customer gets what is asked for and required.

Kamco (Sincere Tech) Plastics routinely provides tooling oversight and maintenance to support ongoing production. Regular inspection and preventative maintenance is customized for each tool’s needs.

From concept through production, Kamco Plastics Engineering ensures goals for quality, performance and cost are met.