Seamless Injection Technology results

Seamless Injection Technology results – Chinese Konka LCD TV below 8K.

Konka LC42DT68AC LCD TV appearance with a seamless injection molding, high-performance materials to make the fuselage light shine, while the super-slim look and elegant style. Has a resolution of 1920 * 1080 full-HD panel, comes with 120Hz frequency-doubling technology, can effectively enhance the picture smooth and clarity. Currently sells for 7999 yuan (also on behalf website prices prevail). Like the best place to store the user to find out!

Konka LC42DT68AC appearance with popular ultra-thin design, the overall thickness of the fuselage just amazing to 3.5 cm, the aircraft before and after the panels are used once a seamless injection molding, high-gloss surface material to make shiny body, while the bottom border of the Red decorative pieces of transparent acrylic covering the above material gives a strange texture, while a circular base and a straight section of the fuselage is also in stark contrast. It is thin not only the fashion but also quality.

Specifications, Konka LC42DT68AC use of high-quality high-definition LCD TV panel with 1920 × 1080 resolution, this TV also has a 120Hz frequency-doubling technology, easy to get smooth frame display. Chi-controlled energy-saving technology that can automatically detect the various parts of each image brightness level and brightness based on the image itself needs an instant reduction in dark scenes the picture looks the same part of the brightness to ensure screen brightness, but also protect the eye. Sound quality, the support for automatic volume adjustment, supports multiple audio modes.

Interface area is equipped with TV input, AV-Video, component video terminals, D-Sub port, headphone port, and HDMI digital high-definition interface, and so on, to meet the general family of digital entertainment needs.