Acetal Injection Molding

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Acetal Thermoplastic Material for GC Injection molds China Manufacturing 

GC MOLD is injection molding china company can custom mold and manufacture acetal resins for strong and rigid plastic parts and components that are resistant to moisture, heat, and solvents. As a leading plastic injection molding and manufacturing company, GC MOLD invests in homopolymers by Dupont Co. (Delrin®) and copolymers by Celanese Engineering Plastics Div., Hoechst Celanese Corp. (Celcon®) to provide the highest quality thermoplastic materials for international, national, and regional customers in Bucks County and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland.

What is Acetal Thermoplastic Material?

Acetal, also known as polyoxymethylene, is a highly crystalline plastic, which derives from formaldehyde polymerization technology. Homopolymers and copolymers are two derivations of available acetal resins; each exhibit different properties that make them suitable for diverse applications. At GC MOLD Components, we offer customers both homopolymers and copolymers to meet the specific needs of their product or system.

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Acetal Plastic Properties

Delrin®, a homopolymer, has high tensile strength, rigidity, resilience, long service life, and moderate toughness under continuous impact conditions. Delrin® is available in various grades based on viscosity and impact resistance. Lower viscosity grades are best used in GC’s plastic injection molding and manufacturing, while higher viscosity grades are most appropriate for GC’s custom-molded plastic parts or components requiring extreme durability.

Celcon®, a copolymer, has a high tensile and flexural strength, long service life, and excellent hardness. Celcon® maintains its hardness under a broad range of temperature changes and, when compared to other crystalline thermoplastic materials, is most resistant to creep. Celcon® is available in various grades based on UV resistance, glass reinforcement, low wear, and impact resistance. GC MOLD Components features a choice of grades for customers to choose.

Advantages of Acetal Plastic Include:

• Resistance to chemicals

• Very low water absorption

• Resistance to hydrolysis by the base

Delrin® has a high resistance to organic solvents, superior dimensional stability, a low coefficient of friction, and, among thermoplastic materials, has a remarkable resistance to abrasion. For tight tolerance, high-performance custom plastic parts or components, Delrin® is commonly utilized due to its low moisture absorption, excellent creep resistance, and high deflection temperature. GC MOLD does not recommend using Delrin® in applications where prolonged exposures to strong acids and bases extend outside the range of pH 4 to 9, however, Delrin® is recommended in applications where exposure to environmental conditions is long-term.

Celcon® has exceptional resistance to most chemical and solvents as well as good thermal stability and plastic molding and manufacturing characteristics. For electrical applications, Celcon® exhibits good electrical properties with high mechanical strength and a UL electrical rating of 100°C. For environments involving humidity changes, Celcon® is a viable choice due to its low moisture absorption. Although GC injection molding China does not suggest using Celcon® in constant contact with strong oxidizing agents, we do suggest using this thermoplastic material in prolonged exposure to mineral acids such as sulfuric, nitric, and hydrochloric acids in various inorganic solutions kept at room temperature.

A recognized injection molding China manufacturing company, GC MOLD Components can mold several unmodified and glass-reinforced, plastic injection molding grades as well as polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE) or silicone-filled grades of both homopolymers and copolymers. Grades of both types adhere to the regulations established by the Food and Drug Administration for repeated contact with food and the regulations established by The National Sanitation Foundation for use in drinkable water. We manufacture the custom plastic parts or components you need to make your product or system perform to the highest level possible.