Plastic Mold Manufactuers

Plastic Mold manufacturers

Plastic Mold manufacturers

As one of Australia’s leading plastic mold manufacturers, we are committed to excellence in injection moulding. Our company specialises in the design and manufacture of plastic moulds and products at any stage of development. With decades of experience as suppliersand manufacturers, we offer a comprehensive range of injection services encompassing concept and component design, 3D models and prototyping, tool design and mould making, through to testing and final production.

We will work with you at any stage of your project. Be it drafting the initial concept or testing and production, we will ensure a satisfying result is achieved at any stage.

Comprehensive Plastic Injection Services

We offer extensive plastic injection moulding services including innovative design and sustainable manufacture. Our company uses the most advanced machines to design and develop plastic moulding of the highest standard. Below is a list of our broad injection plastic moulding capabilities.

  • Product design & development

We understand the creative process starts with a great idea, but ideas sometimes need assistance to turn them into sustainable plastic products. Our designers and manufacturers have decades of experience and can help you to work through your “light bulb moment” to determine the viability of your idea and to create a project plan to take your idea to market. We can help you with product development, brainstorming meetings, project planning and risk analysis.

  • Concept sketches

Before you take your idea and move to formal design from plastic machines, it helps to have concept sketches developed to give structure to your ideas. We have years of experience working with clients to create concept sketches to help identify early problems and build stakeholder buy-in. The concept sketches we create are of sufficient quality to use in market testing, buyer meetings and licensing discussions.

  • Engineering Analysis & Development of Specifications

Converting concepts to cost effective manufactured products requires effective design engineering from qualified manufacturers and designers. We are experienced in ensuring the functional specifications for your product are efficient, effective, and practical. This means you end up with the ideal polymer for the use and environmental conditions, and the product is optimised to reduce unnecessary manufacturing costs.

You are left with details of material needs and target production costs, as well as a clear idea of production feasibility. 3D Solid Modelling software is used through every stage of the process to give you the best possible indicative model.

  • Component design

As one of Australia’s leading plastic mold suppliers, manufacturers and designers, we have extensive experience in component design. We convert concepts into compelling 3D drawings utilise the latest Solid Works 3D software in order to provide meaningful information to your team, so any component design issues are identified and resolved before tooling begins. We have the expertise and experience through our Computer Aided Design (CAD) software to assist you with component design or refinement.

We can also provide design assistance to help you optimise your part design to improve quality and reduce unnecessary manufacturing cost.

  • Polymer & materials analysis

We strive to stay at the forefront of manufacturing and design technology. Our company is innovative in product design and development and attends tradefairs and tradeshows to keep up to date with the latest polymer technologies. There are thousands of polymers to choose from; B&C Plastics offering an extensive range to almost any industry. As trusted suppliers, we use and are fully conversant with an extensive range of polymers, supplying products to the building and mining industry alongside others.

  • Toolmaking & Mould Making

ST Plastics have been the leading tool makers in Australia since 1987. Our toolmakingdepartment utilises CNC plastic machines , EDM and a range of manual machines to produce High Quality Injection Moulding Tools, Jigs, Fixtures and General Engineering projects using the latest 3D cadcam technology.

  • Plastic Injection Moulding (Machines 25 – 370 Tonne)

Our injection-moulding department has an advanced knowledge of injection moulding, process control, trouble-shooting and polymer selection. We have a range of modern injection moulding machines with clamp force tonnage ranging from 25 to 370 tonnes, which means we can handle components from 1 gram up to 2kg in weight.

Our highly experienced and fully qualified team has the ability and the resources to deliver a high specification product maintaining critical tolerances.

  • Ultrasonic Welding

Ultrasonic welding is a method of joining two parts by converting electrical energy into heat energy by high frequency mechanical vibration and is suitable for plastics and metals. Ultrasonic plastics welding has advantages over joining methods using solvents or adhesives including production cycle times are usually improved with speeds up to 2000 parts an hour.

  • Prototyping & Prototype testing

We provide high quality functional and non-functional plastic moulding prototypes either from our own information or your CAD data. Our capabilities include:

  • Stereo lithography
  • Selective laser sintering
  • CNC machining
  • RTV machining
  • Tooling
  • Rapid prototyping

We trial plastic injection mould tools to provide you with off-tool samples of your product for design compliance testing and final approval. We also provide prototype-testing services to ensure the design compliance and quality of your products.

  • Trouble Shooting – Tooling & Moulding Faults

Sometimes tools or moulds don’t perform as expected. Our experienced plastic manufacturers, technicians and engineers can trouble shoot tooling or moulding faults, and provide recommended solutions to get you quickly manufacturing again.

  • Tool Repairs & Maintenance

Well-maintained tools and moulds mean longer trouble free service. Our inbuilt maintenance program means at the end of each run we strip back the mould, clean it and prep it for the next run, before safely storing it. If problems are identified, we schedule appropriate repairs, which means your tools and moulds are always in tip-top condition.

  • Assembly, Labelling and Packaging

We offer component assembly, labelling, and packaging for all size businesses. We can handle everything from small niche product low volume runs, right the way through to high volume, commodity-style products. We can even handle bar-coding of items or packaging, which means we can provide you a one-stop shop from concept to manufacture.

For more information on our thorough injection plastic moulding process , specialised machines or to see if ST Plastics can cater to your business requirements call us or submit an enquiry form today